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As the online casino industry continues to grow in popularity, casual and seasoned players alike might find themselves searching for something that will bring in some excitement. And this is how different online casino tournaments appeared first, adding the all-important competitive edge to the industry that was previously lacking. The most important fact to underline is that both casino tournaments are virtually the same across all casino games and in the long run, the tournaments play an important role of rewarding players and most importantly of increasing customer loyalty.  
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Tournaments FAQ

There are plenty of tournaments that you’ll come across online, but they all fall into either the slots or poker tourneys.

  • Slots tournaments have proven to be one of the most popular competitions among players online mostly because they are very easy for the respective platforms to organize and they don’t really require a lot of playing skills.
  • Poker tournaments unlike slots tournaments, usually don’t have that many players because most believe that poker is a challenging game to play.

Though these two competitions are almost alike in many aspects, the main difference is that in poker tournaments, you’ll be playing against other players seated at the table while in slots, everyone will be playing against a machine. Also, the number of games involved in slots are varied as compared to poker where you only get to choose between two or three games.

How Do the Different Competitions Work?

Understanding how different competitions work is key to having a good time while playing the games. Generally, anyone interested in participating is required to take a seat at the same location – if you choose to play at a land-based casino – while those playing online are required to go online at the same exact time.

To participate in the competition, you need to sign up either as an individual or a team. Some of these competitions are free to sign up while there are those that require a small buy-in fee. If you are playing at a brick and mortar casino, you’ll pay for the fee at the cashier, while those playing online will see part of their account balance being deducted.

Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll be given the tournament’s schedule – the specific date and the exact time that it will kick off. Failure to honour the date will automatically guarantee you being knocked out.

D-day: What Happens on the Day of the Tournament?

  1. If you are playing at the land-based casino, you might have to take turns using the machine or a table in the event that they are not enough. The competition will start off with all the players, and each one will be eliminated depending on how they’ve performed until a winner is found. Depending on the number of players who’ve enrolled, it could take 1 hour, 1 day or even one month as seen in the World Series of Poker competition.
  2. Online competitions work in the same manner but unlike the land-based tournaments, everyone is usually accommodated to participate at a go. This is usually made possible by the fact that machines and online casino tables are virtual and can take as many players as possible, thus being able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of players from across the world.

Take note that your chances of winning vary from one game to another. Poker is a skill-based game and thus gives those skilled players an added advantage of winning as compared to the armatures. As for slots, the game’s outcome greatly relies on luck rather than skill, which means that everyone playing the game has equal chances.

Online Casino Slots Tournaments

Slots online casino tournaments are a good way to relax and unwind after a very hectic day at work. As already mentioned, they let you play against other players for an opportunity of winning a share of the prize pool, which is usually a set amount in cash, or it could simply be a way through which the casino is planning to give away real prizes or casino-based prizes such as free spins or bonus money. The point is, you’ll get to know beforehand what you are playing for.

Different Types of Slots Competitions

They are broadly categorized into three:

  • Those designed to benefit the platform that you are playing on.
  • Those that are free to participate in. Most casinos hold this in order to appreciate their high roller and loyal players.
  • Those that you have to pay in order to be a part of it. They are usually opened to the public, and they are the best way for first-timers to try their luck in taking home a huge prize without risking so much.

Both Sit and Go as well as multiplayer tournaments can be accessed online. Once the time for a tournament reaches, every player will be allocated a number for a slot machine or some place while playing online. Some casinos may also allow you to redeem your loyalty points to purchase tickets or you’ll be allocated some credits to use within a specified time.

To play, you simply have to hit the spin button. If you’ve managed to win anything, the credits will be displayed on a distinct meter and it’s usually not possible for you to replay these credits.

If you are playing at a land-based casino, there’s an official who comes around after every few minutes to record your score. After each player has had his score recorded, those that will have managed to set the highest score will proceed to the knockout stage until the last man or men standing.

Important Terminology to Consider in Slots Tournaments

If this is your first time playing a tournament, chances are you’ll run into special vocabulary that may intimidate you. To ensure you don’t run into trouble, we have the following list of some of the important terminologies that you are bound to come across in slots tournaments.

  • Coins: As you play, you won’t be using your credits. Rather, you’ll start playing with the same number of coins, which varies from one tournament to another.
  • Winbox: This will keep track of all your victories, and the position you secure in the tournament will be determined by the number of wins you have in your Winbox.
  • Play Time: This is your tournament time limit. You can, however, extend this time by purchasing through a rebuy or a continue.
  • Rebuy: If you aren’t satisfied with your first attempt to the competition, you can always start all over again by purchasing the rebuy which will give you more coins, more minutes to play and most importantly resets your Winbox balance to zero.
  • Continue: Should you lose your coins, you can opt to continue by paying a small fee which will enable you to purchase more coins. However, unlike the rebuy, your Winbox balance doesn’t reset and will continue growing once you resume gameplay.

Poker Tournaments

Just as with the slots tournaments, poker competitions also operate on a fixed format from the blinds, buy-in, structure, antes and time limit. Just like most of the other tournaments online, poker competitions are always labelled as $X + Y. The X is the reserved pool prize while the Y is the cost for the tournament.

Different Types of Poker Competitions

  • Sit & Go’s: Just as the name suggests, they only get to start once all the players are seated at the tables.
  • Multi-Table Tournaments: They have a strict schedule to follow and have the exact time to kick off as well as the exact place where they are meant to take place. A good example of such a competition is the World Series of Poker that’s usually held every year at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino.
  • Freeroll: This one requires you to have an entry fee for the first round that you’ll be participating in the competition.
  • Reloader: It only offers you a chance to rebuy – no continue options available. If you choose this one, you have to strategize a bit.
  • One-shot: You only have one shot to make it count. No rebuy or continue.

Tournaments offered both at the land-based and online casinos offer players more opportunities to earn more and get to earn experience while playing against other players. We strongly advise you to focus on having the fun rather than investing too much with the sole purpose of winning!

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