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Three Card Poker Slot
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Three Card Poker

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Three Card Poker Review

Three Card Poker is an easy and free game to play that offers great rewards if you use the right strategy. In this game, the player will only receive three cards, and the dealer will get the same. One thing that you must know is that the hands here are not in the same rank as the normal five-card poker variants.

Here, the straight has a higher ranking than a flush because it is much more difficult to land. You can play it in casinos online or in a land-based casino. You can also access live-dealer games like the one from evolution gaming.

Game Mechanics

These are the steps to go through.

  • You must first put a bet on the ante.
  • Next, you will receive three cards face up
  • The house will also get three cards, face down.
  • At this point, you need to decide if you will play or fold.
  • If you fold, the dealer wins and will reveal his card
  • If you play, you need to wager an extra amount equal to your ante. This is called the Play bet
  • The cards will be compared, and the winner will be declared.

The Rules

There is one important rule that you must know. The house needs to have a Queen or higher to qualify. What this means is that if the dealer’s hand does not have a Queen high or better, you will be paid 1:1 on your ante bet, but your Play bet is a push.

If the dealer qualifies, then the cards will be compared. If you win you get paid 1:1 on both the ante and the play bet. If you lose, the dealer will take both your ante and play bet.

The Bonuses

The game also offers a bonus round. The first is called the Pairs Plus. This is a separate bet that you need to place. The amount can be anything.

If your hand has a pair or better, you win a cash prize, even if your hand lost to the dealer. The payout is:

  • STRAIGHT FLUSH – pays 40 to 1
  • THREE OF A KIND – pays 30 to 1
  • STRAIGHT – you will receive 5 to 1
  • FLUSH – pay is 4 to 1
  • PAIR – has the smallest pay at 1 to 1

Some versions also have the 6-card bonus that will pay more money. If you wager here, you will be paid a different set of prizes. The goal of this bet is to make a good 5-card hand out of your and the dealer’s hands. The payout or jackpots grid is shown below:

  • ROYAL FLUSH – 1000 to 1
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH – 200 to 1
  • FOUR SAME CARDS- 50 to 1
  • FULL HOUSE – 25 to 1
  • FLUSH – 20 to 1
  • STRAIGHT – 10 to 1
  • THREE SAME CARDS – 5 to 1

Lastly, you will also get an ante bonus if your hand is a:

  • Straight Flush – 5 to 1
  • 3 of a Kind – 4 to 1
  • Straight – 1 to 1

The ante bonus will be paid even if you lost to the dealer.

The RTP is not known, but the house edge is 3.37%.


Read slot reviews from real players.

Christopher Garrett
7 March 2019
Surely many of you have heard the unique legend of the unicorn, that who saw him will be fabulously rich. You had a great opportunity to test this myth on the exciting Three Card Poker Slot slot machine, which is a product of the very well-known NextGen online entertainment developer. The reels here are filled with the letters A, K, Q, and J, as well as the numbers 10 and 9, and this may be the key to the location of the unicorns and a successful win. Watch the dropped symbols carefully, because each of them has its own individual meaning. Together with a great emotional tone, earn and cash rewards.
Elias Ellis
10 January 2019
Three Card Poker in conjunction with Microgaming, has created a decent game, where you can not bad money. Since I am an experienced player, I can say with great pleasure. that the game is real and everything here works well. The minimum deposit has its nice side, and the big jackpot also affects the income. The graphics and the plot are beautiful.
Gene Emory
7 January 2019
Iメm new to online gambling and so it turned out that my acquaintance with the world of slot machines began with this slot. Thatメs why I think Three Card Poker Slot is a good slot for me and I spend a lot of time here when I want to relax. Sometimes I win very good money, the most important thing is to be able to stop on time and withdraw the deposit. Many bonuses, winning combinations are very beneficial for the player. Iメm satisfied!
Ethan Turner
1 January 2019
Three Card Poker is quite an attractive slot players. Subjects from the history of one of the oldest cities of the Roman Empire are fully disclosed. The game screen is pretty well executed, all the game buttons are conveniently located. In this case, even a function is provided to run game rounds in automatic mode. In general, the gaming slot deserves high praise. The jackpot is relatively small, but due to the fact that using the scatter symbols the chances of obtaining it significantly increased, it deserves attention.
Christopher Price
1 January 2019
I can please those who miss the entertaining entertainments of gamers by the fact that on the pages of the online casino there is a very exciting slot machine Three Card Poker Slot, with a remarkable plot of the opposition of the brave boy Jack with the giant. The management of the game is not at all complicated and besides the bright graphic and sound design of the gameplay, you can find a wide choice of bets, a variety of symbols, each with its own price value, some of which can increase the winnings by 1000 times from the invested money. Also here are given wild symbols, bonuses, and you can also earn free backs.
Calvin Elias
30 December 2018
The gambler that feels a special excitement when he reads about some mysterious places, the player, who adored fantasy, will enjoy to play Three Card Poker online. This Microgaming game is devoted to a mystical island where King Arthur was buried. Everything here is based on the celtsメ legends. Just choose Three Card Poker slot1, and you will learn more about the famous Excalibur sword, which was forged exactly in this place. The gambler that risks and makes the largest 100 coins stake, can win 105 thousand jackpot. As the RTP is high here, you have all the chances to get this award. However, my personal biggest prize here was 765 Euros.
Carey Ernest
30 December 2018
After having tried a lot of slot machines and casinos, I have finally came across Three Card Poker a few weeks ago. It captured my attention at once thanks to its unusual idea and contents, and since then I spent most of my gambling time only here. And it has been much captivating, attracting and gains-giving time! Hey, you Three Card Poker ヨ you are cool folks!
Dwight Immanuel
29 December 2018
Three Card Poker Slot has very interesting design and quite generous real money payments, even without bonus games, progressive jackpot or free spins.A lot of winning chains which can be easily created due to the special symbols, which fall very often, even if u play at the small bets or small deposit. My biggest win here was 860$ and I hope this is not the maximum for me. The game play is exciting!!
Errol Wilson
26 December 2018
Ideal chance for gamers to test their luck, will be a gaming machine Three Card Poker. The 88 fortunes slot contains 10 free games, very profitable bonus features with progressive levels, and 88 fortunes slot machine brings everyone a good mood and rich cash prizes. The creator gives the opportunity to receive 88 fortunes free spins, as well as 88 fortunes casino slots gives the participants good luck. After the loss of the progressive jackpot, 88 fortunes slot machine activates the function of the gold coin to win the given jackpot. Still very valuable here are free online slots 88 fortunes, jackpot 88 fortunes scratch off and lottery 88 fortunes. Play casino games 88 fortunes and you will certainly be lucky.
Edgar Phillips
12 December 2018
Quite an interesting and very colorful Three Card Poker slot machine. For those who love Fermers life and everything connected with the rural economy, this subject will be very, very close. The amount of the jackpot is relatively small, but the probability of getting it due to a small variety of characters in the game is quite high. I was able to take a jackpot several times for 100 game rounds. True, it turned out in a demo mode, but this indicator already speaks volumes. Of course, the developerメs company that produced such a slot deserves high praise!
Ferdie Allen
11 December 2018
I suggest that all real lovers of gambling enter the exciting online casino games using the high-quality Three Card Poker gaming machine that is ready to arrange an unforgettable trip through the wild Africa and will thoroughly study the life of all the wild inhabitants of this region. On the five reels of the slot you can see the bright symbols with the image of outlandish animals, some bonuses, including free backs and rewards for the scatters. The user interface is painted in bright orange and black colors, with the image of the sunset of Serengeti, which supports the theme of the game. The game also has bonus symbols that launch free spins or other bonuses that allow you to win more money for one spin.
Dustin Stacey
7 December 2018
Three Card Poker by my favorite WMS attracted me with its design first. later, when I started gambling, I realized that this coolest and brightest game has more pluses. First of all, this is the round that is called The Road to Emerald City. There I managed to win really a lot (as for me). I got about 300 Euros as the stakes were high. My advice to each one, who picks this gaming machine ヨ choose the largest bets to get more profits. The next time I will sign in the online casino site, I will play this slot.
Felix Gerry
3 December 2018
I really love extreme, for this game Three Card Poker is for me just right. After passing through the jungle to the Palace itself, you can take all the wealth. There is an opportunity to make a maximum bet with one click, and the Elephant can double your winnings. Join now.
Winfred Ward
27 November 2018
The slot machine with the theme of animated robots in all colors of the rainbow Three Card Poker, was born, thanks to the popular company Net Entertainment and on the pages of online casinos always holds the forefront. This stellar entertainment allows all advanced gamers to play at low or high betting levels, and with the help of advanced auxiliary functions, players have the opportunity to win decent cash amounts on Windows, Linux and Mac systems, as well as on mobile devices. If you are lucky with falling out of three or more scatter symbols, then the possibility of activating free spins will open, and in the alien robots slot you can meet many other beneficial bonuses.
Ervin Mercado
24 November 2018
If youメve ever heard an amazing fairy tale story about the girl Alice and her exciting adventures, then you will strongly want to take part in an interesting game dedicated to these events. Slot Three Card Poker is decorated with sound and first-class graphics and sound design of gameplay, here you can win excellent cash prizes, using individual values ??of symbols, a lot of bonuses, winning the possibility of free spins and taking on the arsenal of other additional support functions. Since the management of the game is simple, then in addition to experienced gamers here can participate and beginners.
Elton Jerry
23 November 2018
Despite the fact that I did not manage to win very big money here, I still like and often play Three Card Poker Slot. Graphics are normal, soundtrack too. You can play at any rate ヨ thereメs always a chance to win, if youメre lucky. As for bonuses, the manufacturer provided a large number of pleasant surprises for players in the form of bonuses and winning combinations.I hope one day I will win a lot of money here!!!!!
Drew Reid
22 November 2018
Any game that in some kind is related to historian themes looks very attractive for me. I am glad to have enough time to try many slot.Three Card Poker Slot is the one of the most colorful games I played online before. No any complaints about an interface itメs ok. I havenメt try to withdraw money yet but I have won a little sum. Maybe Iメll succeed more in coming days. So for now I am fully satisfied. An interesting game that works swiftly without even few delays.
Bertie Ferdie
31 October 2018
Three Card Poker Slot is a typical linear thematic slot. Symbols on coincidence give winning combinations. Simplicity in understanding makes it possible to receive good cash prizes and develop a game strategy in a demo mode is not so difficult. The auto function is simple and functional at the same time. This slot I would recommend to novice players. There are not any complicated schemes and risky rounds. The pay lines in this case work mainly on a linear basis. In general, this slot can safely bet 8 out of 10!
Freddy James
29 October 2018
Three Card Poker Slot is my favorite slot by Aristocrat! Very colorful and intuitive menu for the player. A lot of winning lines and combinations, I play most often at medium stakes and quite often I’m lucky and I win real money! At the same time I enjoy the process of the game and have a great time with a lot of fun!!!
Gabby Stevens
24 October 2018
Three Card Poker slot allows you to get pretty good bonuses during the game rounds. Very nice interface and quite a good graphic component. In addition, I can participate in the game both on the online platform and on the mobile device.
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