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Call it the shell game and you are still referring to Thimbles from Evoplay Entertainment production. You have never come across an easy video slot in the casinos’ online games! This is it. It is all about shuffling the containers that are placed upside-down and selecting, of course through luck, the one that holds a precious stone! Many gamblers walk away with counts of riches from this simple game, Thimbles video slot. This casino online slot game has in the past been associated with issues of rogue scam, but ever since, technology has revolutionised the game presenting it in the fairest interpretation right into the homes or gamblers with no characteristic swindling or cheating! Once again, there are no reels to spin here; all you need is you, a little shining diamond and Thimbles! Oh, your solid observation in conjunction with Thimbles Evoplay RTP of 96% is a fantastic way to earn money in this nicely designed classical game.

Evoplay’s Rules for Thimbles

Evoplay did not design anything hectic about this game: everything appears, as it should, to flow in the right direction. The moderator or randomiser of the game shows you where the diamond lies before it is properly shuffled in a manner which may throw you off the radar if you don’t give the mix a stern watch. As the shuffling decelerates to a halt, you may now select the container that holds the diamond. Remember that on successful prediction, your initial bet is transformed by a 2.88 multiplier. Well, you may want to double your chances for a win by predicting two places wherein the precious stone lies. It is allowed, but in such a case, a win will be treated to a 1.44 multiplier given the high chances for winning. These are the rules, nothing else; no pay-lines; no Wilds, bonuses or scatters; only your undivided attention will bear fruits here!

How to Play

You have heard countless times that the shell game from Evoplay is straightforward and requires nothing more than your unfaltering observation. Well, you needn’t be told that it as well requires a little bit of knowledge and experience lest you go on a money-losing spree! If you doubt your experience, try the free version of the game to acquaint yourself with Evoplay’s spinning concepts with Thimbles before you could move on to pay for real money. Yes, the game offers a fun-play mode that you can execute once you have placed your bet of at least 0.01 and at most 1,000 coins. Many gamblers love it when a game can pay jackpots twice the bet amount. So should you. Here is the trick: should you stake a dollar and lose it, stake two in the second round and earn four out of it in case you win. The four has paid for your lost dollar and added even more! How about that?

Watch the Thimbles Shuffle

This casino online video slot game from Evoplay asks for nothing much to shower a player with manifold profits. Just decide the bet amount and present your stern attention on the shuffling Thimbles, and you will walk away with goodies from Evoplay’s technology.


Read slot reviews from real players.

Emmet Dexter
20 March 2019
Thimbles slot machine is definitely for you when you, like me, like everything that is connected with Asia, and Chinese legends. Thimbles slot that was created by Aristocrat is the game that will give you a 1000 jackpot (or even several of these wins) when your bet is the maximum one, 100 coins. Depending on the chosen currency, you can win thousands of Euros or USD on Thimbles slot. Just remember that you can always change the stake and start with the minimum, a cent (for instance, when there is not enough money on your deposit for the bigger bet). In case, when you wish to understand the rules, play Thimbles slot machine free first.
Doug Everett
19 March 2019
The new slot machine Thimbles, which is created by the famous Thunderkick company, will become for every self-respecting gamer a new addition to the range of his favorite gambling entertainment. This slot depicts the actions that take place in the hairdresser and is a beautiful picture of the animation studio for hairstyles. From the corresponding symbols images from time to time drop out winning combinations that activate repeated rotations. Also here you can get free spins, or the function Inwinity Spin, which guarantees a monetary win.
Cedric Butler
10 January 2019
As most of the slots by IGT, Thimbles attracts with its high RTP (up to 95%) and the greatest probability to win here even when your bet will be minimal ヨ 1 coin. The presence of Wild and Scatter that depict the game logotypes enlarges your chances to get the award. Those gamblers that risk and make the largest stakes (200 coins) can count of the biggest award, the jackpot, which can reach here 100 thousand. Although I was not this lucky person who would win this sum of money, I decided to play Thimbles online and won about 675 Euros ラ it was more than cool that time for me.
Edwin Clifford
1 January 2019
Thimbles Slot is a quality slot game with an auto game function and adequate cash rewards.
Geoffrey Adams
1 January 2019
Thimbles is the slot with perfect decoration, graphics and music. Iメm a big fan of the eponymous film so playing in Thimbles Slot is my pleasure! Also, nice bonus payments ヨ there are free spins, bonus games and a lot of special characters. You can play without registration, even with a mobile phone, while the quality of the game is excellent. Also itメs possible to get a progressive jackpot while playing this game!!!
Clifford Adams
24 December 2018
Thimbles gave me the opportunity to make good money through betting. Iメve been playing this slot for a long time. I like the menu options, and the interface, and the presence of scatter symbols, as well as symbols that give you the opportunity to access free bonus rounds. Due to this increase the chance to receive the maximum award ヨ a jackpot of 150 000 currency units is much easier. It will be a great pleasure to continue to participate in the game process.
Clyde Freddie
19 December 2018
In a wide variety of exciting games on all online casino sites, the Thimbles slot machine comes first, as most advanced gamers choose it. In appearance, the slot does not differ much from its counterparts, but in terms of the number of useful functions provided, bonus rounds and wild symbols that match any image and more often form winning combinations, it exceeds all others. If the player is lucky and he throws out the right combination of images, then it will be possible to watch cartoon currents of coins. Also in Thimbles there are several jackpots, which will please the gamer with the won amounts.
Clifford Earle
18 December 2018
Thimbles I was not particularly interested in the slot, but I still tried to play it. Of the benefits of course simplicity. Standard Absolute is the same as other slots. I liked the simplicity, there is no semantic load, just watch and enjoy the slot. What I didnメt like was that it wasnメt the understanding that with the jackpot either it wasnメt at all or I just didnメt get to it. Overall slot is mediocre. There are several advantages to this, you can put a six. At least there are no significant drawbacks.
Darrell Teddy
16 December 2018
Attractive and very interesting slot machine Thimbles, is the creation of the most progressive company-creator of video slots Net Entertainment, for this among gamers it is always in demand. The theme of the game here is a story about robots from other planets, with which players will have to work closely together all the time. All the actions here take place against a dark background, that is, at night, and the graphics of the gameplay exactly corresponds to this circumstance, as well as the mysterious alien sound. You expect only positive emotions, as well as rich cash payments. Management is convenient and understandable, so go ahead for prizes with other peopleメs robots.
Al Elliot
14 December 2018
Thanks to the exciting slot machine Thimbles, which is created and confidently promoted by the popular company NetEnt, a new era and a generation of bloodthirsty vampires appeared on the pages of online casinos. Here the developers have carefully thought out the graphic and sound design of the gameplay, so the game looks like 3D. Before launching drums, gamers are encouraged to bet from 0.25 to 250 units. Very effective increase the level of cash winnings bonus features, wild, scattered and free spins, as well as a bonus game, which need only be properly used.
Dave Freddy
11 December 2018
Thimbles Slot is a great slot with a very high level of return !!! 98% !!! I tried to play even at low rates and I managed to win good money! The interface is very simple and accessible even for beginners, there are many bonuses for players and special characters! Overall Iメm very pleased with this slot !!!!
Davy Irwin
4 December 2018
Always, whoever searches for simple and convenient gambling on the pages of online casinos, will do the most. Very original characters look Always hot slot with the image of dice. Probably the hardest part is the playerメs choice of the right bet, since everything else in the Always hot slot will depend on luck. The button ムPaytableメ in this entertainment makes it possible to observe the winning combinations and rewards for them, and in this section you can view the rules of the game. Try your hand at Always hot slot and you have great success.
Floyd Wilson
4 December 2018
Thimbles slot will transfer the player to an ancient and mysterious world where you can win a real treasure. Personally, I like the slot primarily coz of the interface and the atmosphere that is present here. Secondly, there are many payments, even if you play at low stakes, the winning lines give excellent accruals, and special symbols and combinations significantly increase the deposit. The bonus game is very interesting and profitable.
Franklyn Phillips
30 November 2018
Already a year of all fans of gambling, which are easy to find on the pages of online casinos, pleases the slot machine Thimbles, created by the famous company Microgaming on scenes about the life of sheep. This game is quite diversified, has many thematic symbols, each with its own meaning, and also provides an opportunity for players to receive moral pleasure and good cash prizes. Paid combinations are formed with a small frequency (32 successful hits out of 100), but bonuses help very much. Gamers should play on this slot.
Michelle Ferdie
27 November 2018
To be able to take part in a colorful and tumultuous party filled with beautiful music, gifts and jackpots, as well as a pleasant combination with a useful one ヨ play on the wonderful Thimbles Slot slot machine, which is the product of the amazing WMS online game developer. Here you will be able to listen to the hits of the 70s, right after the start of entertainment, as well as get unforgettable impressions and a lot of joy from the game, along with great cash prizes. The design of the slot is distinguished by its symbols with images of elements of various parties, where each of them has its own individual meanings.
Derek Bell
26 November 2018
Thimbles Slot attracts with an unusual arrangement of symbols s with a profitable system of formation of combinations. Moreover, for such a large number of payments, the coefficients of their calculation are rather high. The graphics are also very high quality, and the round of free spins has significantly helped me to win ))))))
Cliff Knight
24 November 2018
Well, attention to the unusual system of payment for certain combinations, as well as fairly large coefficients in some cases. In addition, it differs from most other models in the absence of a system of rates in coins, but this, perhaps, is not so important. It is necessary to develop your own strategy of the game, otherwise you can lose a huge amount of money. In general, this is an excellent slot for me!
Duddy Jeff
28 October 2018
Thimbles slot is a real excitement for me! A lot of winning combinations, prize options and huuuge pleasure even if I play in demo mode!!! Many winning symbols, including special ones! Bright and funny interface with amazing atmosphere always makes me excited! Cool set of bets, lines, so this slot machine can be good choice for any gambler.!
Garrett Emmet
27 October 2018
Very interesting stories from the life of the ancient people of Mexico can now be gleaned from exciting gambling games, placed on the pages of online casinos, along with this, get a tremendous pleasure from the entertainment and also get a little rich. One of these games of entertainment are games on the slot machine Thimbles, graphics and sound design of which are created on the themes of the Aztec traditions, as well as the interesting life of this people. Also noteworthy is the fact that for the convenience of playing on the Thimbles slot, the developers have come up with a number of bonuses and auxiliary functions that make it easier for gamers to win their prizes.
Elvin Shaw
27 October 2018
Thimbles Slot is one of some new types of slot machines. Earlier when I played everything was intuitively clear and understandable, now I can’t figure it out with slots. Some strange multipliers and not high wins. And then bang, and you fall out of nowhere 20 dollars. Here is how to understand who will explain? It seems that I am in the black, but I don’t understand how this plus was in my pocket … In general, I am pleased with the game. There is no understanding of the process. The pleasure of the process experienced in full. To advise or not, I can not decide, but it is worth to try everyone!
Cris Anderson
26 October 2018
Thimbles Slot is a typical linear thematic slot. Symbols on coincidence give winning combinations. Simplicity in understanding makes it possible to receive good cash prizes and develop a game strategy in a demo mode is not so difficult. The auto function is simple and functional at the same time. This slot I would recommend to novice players. There are not any complicated schemes and risky rounds. The pay lines in this case work mainly on a linear basis. In general, this slot can safely bet 8 out of 10!
Fredrick Emmett
24 October 2018
Thimbles is a slot of five reels, with software from Microgaming in which a story about the martial arts created in the Far East and the famous story of one hundred and eight heroes are surveyed. The game can be played for free, for a great pleasure, but still advanced gamers prefer to bet and win decent money. The ‘Spin’ function sets the reels in motion, and the ‘Autoplay’ option is used to rotate the reels without interruption for the selected number of times. ‘Max Bet’ will set the maximum bet. Everything is very simple, and winnings are guaranteed.
Kristopher Dex
9 October 2018
When I initially eye the video game’s name, Thimbles, I was believing it must have to do with tea, either the beverage or the plant, yet tea in Texas? Hmm, I have actually never ever come across any type of tea vineyard over in Texas. Hell, Texans do not also consume alcohol much of tea, absolutely not such as the British, and even Asians. So I filled up the video game as well as attempted it out in enjoyable setting initially, to obtain a feeling of this brand-new video game from IGT.Thimbles itself is the greatest paying icon, at 10,000 x the line wager for 5 of them, however Thimbles is not a Wild icon. As a matter of fact, this video game is without any type of Wild icon, so opportunities of winning are maintained to the outright bare minimum, without any increasing of any type of success, no replacement of various other signs to develop brand-new victories, no extra victories from obtaining Scatters or Benefit icons, no Free Rotates video game, no arbitrarily turned on unique functions, therefore in simply 2 words … NO ENJOYABLE! Why IGT also troubled ahead out with such an uninteresting video game, I think just they understand why! Texas Ted is the Scatter sign, without payment of any type of kind for obtaining them, however obtaining 3 or even more Scatters would certainly honor an Oil Reward Perk video game. An Oil Derrick is the Reward sign, with no payment of any kind of kind either for obtaining them, however just to honor an Oil Derrick Reward video game. So, IGT is using this Thimbles video game to us gamers, a video game that has no Wilds, no payments for scatter signs, no payments for incentive icons, no totally free rotates or respins of any type of kind, and also to place it really candidly, no delights of any type of kind! If you are believing that possibly both Perk video games can supply some enjoyable, hmm, you could not be extra incorrect!The Oil Returns Incentive video game takes you right into Texas Ted’s workplace and also he releases a cheque for the returns made from those oil derricks. It’s that straightforward! The rewards are absolutely nothing greater than bad payments of around 3x – 15x the overall wager, despite the fact that the optimum quantity is evaluated 100x. Yeah, right! The Oil Derrick Incentive video game allows you laid out 3 oil derricks in various areas, after that you wait and also see just how much each oil derrick could generate. Once again, extremely inadequate payments of 5x – 20x the complete wager quantity. The only means to obtain a big win is to obtain 5 signs of Thimbles on a payline, which would certainly pay 10,000 x the line wager, or 1,111 x the complete wager. Whatever else just pay peanuts!
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