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Lucky Double Slot
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Lucky Double

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Powered by Net Entertainment, Lucky Double is one of its untypical games from the family of scratch cards. These are a bit retro, but quite popular pieces in casinos online, with the main goal to scratch the jackpot – top prize.

Double the Luck

Unlike many other similar products, Lucky Double multiplies your chances to win big. It displays two games in one, which differs it from other scratch pieces.

The design of the game is common:

  • Silver layer over resembles traditional scratch cards;
  • You get the genuine sound while scratching;
  • Players get to choose a tool by clicking the right option in the bottom of the screen.

So, the main advantage of this known game is that you get an extra chance to get a prize. Before that, you have to bet an amount. Well, actually, not place a typical bet but just pay value for the ticker, two coins.

The Lucky Double always carry the same spending – just two coins for one card, and even two chances to grab cash. Not only the certain amounts but also the jackpots worth 100,000 coins.

How to Play the Game?

Very simple. Just purchase the card and scratch it. On the right side you will get a smaller card with a potential 100 credits, and on the left side, a bonus is waiting with a potential jackpot among other rewards. The game has 15 panels in total:

  • Six of them are in the smaller pieces
  • Nine of them in the bigger one

The number of panels corresponds to the number of total amounts in the particular game.

In order to win you have to scratch at least three of a kind.

Both of the cards are independent so you can win or lose in both, it is pure luck. Note that the provider sometimes gives info about winning chances, similar to RTP with video slots. But, in the end, it is all about luck.


  1. Where can I find Lucky Double?

You can find it in casinos supporting NetEnt products, and with proper registration, you can play it for real money. However, you can also try it for free and see if it suits your taste.

  1. Are there any Bonus Features available?

Do not expect to find extra round like in some online pokies. On the other hand, players do have a few options that can be treated like bonuses.

Players can choose a scratching tool, they can adjust the speed of scratching. You can go for a panel after panel, or you can do it all at once.

This kind of online entertainment is great for first-time gamblers and those who like easy rules.

However, note that there are terms and conditions you have to respect – read about those when you enter the casino to find your Lucky Double.


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Des Emmet
27 October 2018
Try your strengths and abilities on the game tested by many advanced gamers, which you can play on the slot machine Lucky Double Slot, which has a number of amazing possibilities, and among other gambling entertainments rightfully occupies only the leading positions. This game was created by its developers on the theme of Ancient Egypt with majestic pyramids, and therefore all the symbols on the reels of the slot have images such as a treasure hunter, Book Ra, scarabs and sarcophagi. You will also see symbols of playing cards in the game. We also enjoy the special opportunities available here, as well as a jackpot of 500,000 conventional units.
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