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Hexaline Slot
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Hexaline Review

Microgaming is the developer of some unique and iconic video slots. Hexaline is one among them. The title deviates from the usual structure of slots. The game looks like a honeycomb and has some unique playing mechanisms. The hexagonal cells of the slot have different nominals and colours.

The sleek graphics and alternative gameplay bring a lot of new things to the table. The background has sci-fi aesthetics which makes the coloured hexagons stand out. The game comes with 5 reels and no paylines to select. It is one of the best payout slots from Microgaming. You can play the title for free at some casinos.

How to Play the Game?

There are some rules that you need to follow to play the slot at casinos online.

    • The game has an RTP of 97% and mid-level variance which means you can acquire big wins;
    • There are 18 tiles arranged in 4-3 columns. To set the bet click on – or + sign given under the stake sign;
    • Adjacent matching hexes create a complete line;
    • Wild symbols will replace other hexes;
    • The winnings hexes removed following a run and are replaced by new hexes;
    • The value of the symbol will depend on the wagering amount. However, the prizes are displayed on paytable correspond to single hexagram value;
    • The 5 different colour hexagrams are green, purple, red, blue, and yellow.

Payouts and Wins

The payouts of the slot are paid per symbol to the player. Here are some strategies that will help to win some money:

    • The payout per symbol is a combination which ranges from 5 to 75;
    • The bonus is triggered when you land 3 hexagrams;
    • There are 2 coloured wilds in the title;
    • Each successful combination increases credit;
    • Having 5 same pieces on the hexes will offer you payment that you can multiply by 0.10 to x1.5;
    • Avoid hexes with a red cross as they can end the bonus game;
    • The bonus round can provide 50 to 350 credits;
    • The star symbol offers the top prize, which is 40x of the betting amount;
    • Wild gives the 1.5x of the bet, thus, making lucrative jackpots;
    • The minimum betting amount is $0.10 while the maximum is $50.

Closing Note

Hexaline is a simple but rich game which can convert colourful symbols into some big wins within a snap of a figure. In case you are looking for something new, try out this casino title.


Read slot reviews from real players.

Clement Hall
7 March 2019
It is noteworthy that almost all of my familiar gamblers, among a wide variety of entertainment, choose the gaming machine Hexaline, which is located in an online casino. Although in appearance this toy is similar to many other classic slots with fruit images, but only here the participant of the game will be able to fully enjoy the rest, and in addition to win worthy money. If you concentrate well and do not be afraid to make your bet, then very soon you will be able to remove the jackpot in the amount of 60,000 coins, as it happened to me. Do not forget to use all bonuses and other types of extra help.
Cameron Peltier
8 January 2019
From the very name of the slot you can understand what this game will be about. Since the theme is very popular, because many gamers watched the movie of the same name, most players hang out on the Hexaline slot machine, where tempting graphics and sound content, as well as many attractive bonuses and other auxiliary functions, help you to achieve good success and accordingly large cash winnings. You can also notice that often there are special symbols, among which there are replacing all the others, so there are quite often winning combinations.
Craig Donovan
20 December 2018
Quite an interesting and very colorful Hexaline slot machine. For those who love Fermers life and everything connected with the rural economy, this subject will be very, very close. The amount of the jackpot is relatively small, but the probability of getting it due to a small variety of characters in the game is quite high. I was able to take a jackpot several times for 100 game rounds. True, it turned out in a demo mode, but this indicator already speaks volumes. Of course, the developerメs company that produced such a slot deserves high praise!
Daryl Bell
19 December 2018
Hexaline can please with its functionality and ease of design. All kinds of symbols here are clearly distributed. The lack of a normally progressive jackpot is more than compensated by the presence of wild symbols and scatter symbols, the chance of falling out is intentionally increased. In principle, if you understand the intricacies of the gameplay, you can fully expect a normal and adequate result. This slot is perfect for beginners for training and training in demo mode, but also met more solvent game models.
Domenic Hunt
17 December 2018
If you are full of the desire to get pleasure from entertainment, and at the same time to win not bad money ヨ boldly bet and start the reels of the Hexaline slot, which is one of the most popular slot machines in online casinos. Carefully having studied the rules of the game and all the provided bonus functions, all participants of the action will have the opportunity to play for cash prizes. Management of gameplay is not difficult, for this participation in the game can take not only advanced gamers, but also novice players. Also, it is always worth remembering the advantageous opportunity to remove a large jackpot in the form of a jackpot of 300,000 conventional units.
Floy Franky
16 December 2018
Iメve never played Hexaline before and decided to try it first in the test mode! I liked it very much! excellent design, musical accompaniment, there are bonus games and special symbols. At the same time, a very accessible and understandable interface. Great respect to the developer for such a creative idea!
Carry Nick
8 December 2018
Hexaline ヨ an excellent gambling machine dedicated to hockey with beautiful graphics and interesting music! lovers of gambling as me will love free spins! My husband is delighted with this slot, can play it for hours! I also play sometimes, although Iメm not a big fan of hockey ヨ and often I win!
Eustace Everard
7 December 2018
I have often heard praiseworthy statements from my gamersメ friends about the Hexaline gaming machine, which has great graphics, high-quality sound and 243 paylines. Correctly using the symbol of a fiery gold coin, free spins and other bonuses, a burning desire slot can win decent money even a new player.
Irvine Ned
4 December 2018
Another popular slot on the pages of the famous online casino was a slot machine Hexaline Slot, the plot of which is revealed in the amusing adventures of all kinds of funny dogs. Since most advanced gamers tend to get a lot of free spin and win huge jackpots, this entertainment is just what they need. In this game, a very modern graphics and sound design of gameplay, no complexity in managing actions, numerous auxiliary functions that bring monetary gains. Anyone who stops at Hexaline Slot will never regret it later.
Fredric Fredrick
1 December 2018
Hexaline is a very interesting slot not only coz of amazing interface and quality graphics! The presence of the Scatter Bucks option, as well as, of course, free spins adds to its attractivenessナand helps to significantly increase the deposit!!!. Nice three-dimensional graphics and fast loading allow you to play this slot all dayナeven itメs OK to gamble from mobile phoneナUnderstandable menu, comfortable betting policy!ナ.
Elias Win
26 November 2018
Hexaline Slot ヨ a reference to the good old game of monopoly. Hmm, well, this is clear from the name. For those who played this game, everything seems familiar and familiar. At least it seemed to me, because I still remember in the pre-computer era we were going to a weekend with a large company with friends, throwing dice and buying real estate. Golden time was. According to this, those who come from the 80s This game will seem especially enjoyable and interesting. In general, the slot is no different from durigh except design.
Dusty Ellis
25 November 2018
It is with great pleasure that I recommend to everyone who is hungry for exciting games on the pages of online casinos, advanced gamers the Hexaline slot machine created by EGT. The slot is filled with symbols from Pub Fruity, such as bunches of grapes, cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, watermelons, and the most expensive symbol is an asterisk. Seven appear in the game as wild-symbols and replace everything, except sketch. The asterisk is a sketch character that offers the highest prize of 10,000 coins. It is a game with a bright design and interesting funny sounds. In the 20 super hot slot you can also see various bonuses and auxiliary symbols that always bring your cash winnings closer.
Doug Emmanuel
24 November 2018
Firstly I did not like the interface of this slot and there was no special mood to play, but then I started to spin, I won a lot of money and only thanks to so generous payments Hexaline Slot seriously interested me! I had a really great time while playing, and even won $ 400 and of course won back all my deposit! The slot will appeal to fans of such fantasy themes, here is a fairly simple menu and a great selection of game rates and lines!
Dunk Eldred
23 November 2018
Hexaline Slot is a great game model with a positive and simple plot. Given the fact that I was always attracted by the thematic slot games of the East, this model was no exception. Thanks to the availability of 243 paylines, it is quite easy to get good cash prizes using the model of this slot machine. The game menu is pretty well developed, there is an opportunity to automatically launch game rounds. In a word, there is everything you need to rest and have a good time.
Winfred Owen
28 October 2018
very cute and funny slot. Initially, I was motivated to play it by my friend who often wins good money here. I also tried and want to say that Hexaline Slot is not only a slot that will cheer you up and can help to relax after hard working day, but it will also help to win great money if you play reasonably and at the right time you can stop. So i’m, happy with this gameplay!
Darrel Anderson
25 October 2018
Where, how not at the slot machine Hexaline, you can get so much good mood, while winning a certain amount of money? After all, this game is a long-beloved by all gamers the theme of the ancient Chinese style, where it is possible to win one of the four progressive jackpots, and if the luck smiles, then all at once. Only in slot 88 of Fortunes you will be able to get profitable bonuses, special symbols that give players a lot of free spins. The more such rewards, the higher the chances of getting the biggest prize. So there’s nothing to think about, do it more boldly.
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