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Eureka Reel Blast by SG Slot
  • Game type Video slot
  • Paylines 50
  • Reels 5
  • RTP 96.1%
Free Spins
Autoplay option
Scatter symbol
Wild symbol

Eureka Reel Blast

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Eureka Reel Blast by SG is an inspiration from Eureka Gold Mine slot. This interesting play from SG comes with 5 reels and comprises 3 bet lines. Players can look forward to a total of 50 paylines during the course of the game.

When it comes to the graphics and sound, players will appreciate the modern aspects of the layout and the intriguing sound. These features come together to make for an interactive and exciting game.

Slight History of the Creator

Since 2009, SG has opened its doors and taken strides to release interactive games. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the company takes pride in release interesting games that keep many casinos online in operation.

About the Slot

If you are one of those players that love bonus games, then you will definitely love this one! In order to reap the gold, you will have to spin the reels and hope for the best.

During the course of the game, you may be presented with a free spins feature which enables you to work with a total of 12 free spins and ultimately unlock good money. This particular feature is arrived at when three Eureka symbols are unlocked on the screen (any part of the screen will do!).

In this round of the game, players can also look forward to working with extra Wilds.

Special Features in the Slot

The Dynamite Lock It bonus feature is the ultimate feature in the game. In order to arrive in this round, the player has to unlock Dynamite symbols (also known as the games’ Scatter symbols) on any part of the screen.

Once unlocked, you will be presented with 5 Dynamite spins total. During the course of the game, the 5 Dynamite spins may explode thus leaving you with a cool prize!

To further make this round interesting, the more dynamites you are able to unlock on the screen, the more your chances you have of cool prizes. In other words, there is a potential of enjoying big prizes depending on the number unlocked!

How about Jackpots?

A jackpot inspired game is an interesting one for many players. This is why the bonus feature is especially fascinating in this slot. During this round, the jackpot feature may be unlocked thus presented players with interesting prize


Read slot reviews from real players.

Eric James
18 March 2019
Eureka Reel Blast Slot is a pretty bright and colorful slot with a very good graphic interface and a very attractive gaming panel. What I like about the model of this slot is the ability to play in demo and paid mode. In this case, this model of the gaming machine is perfectly optimized both for playing with mobile devices and for playing with a conventional computer and a laptop. Girls in this model of the game slot are presented in the form of sexual symbols! Such adrenaline and tension from what you see in the game, that involuntarily captures the spirit!
Fergus Stacy
12 January 2019
On the ground there is a huge number of people who would ever dream of making a trip to unknown worlds and descend into the depths of the blue seas. To gamers, this opportunity to realize is offered by the Eureka Reel Blast gaming machine, which is the product of the popular firm Microgaming and among the online casino entertainments always takes the first a place. Only in the Eureka Reel Blast slot, players can try to break the jackpot in the amount of 150,000 conventional units. And if you correctly use all the bonuses provided and additional auxiliary functions, then the second jackpot will also be in your hands.
Cass Wilkinson
10 January 2019
Eureka Reel Blast is a true mix of dynamic plot, interesting animation and very generous payouts! Free spins, bonus levels and a lot of nice rewards for players ヨ all this is a huge plus of Eureka Reel Blast, which I am sure many have already appreciated. The menu is convenient, even for a beginner, itメs easy to figure out and make your bets.
Carroll Turner
2 January 2019
At first I could not figure out the game Eureka Reel Blast. After he turned to chat for help, I was all lucidly told about explained. Now Iメm a player with experience and understanding what Iメm doing. The game is interesting, not addictive.
Georgie Palmer
25 December 2018
In a huge collection of all kinds of exciting entertainment on the pages of online casinos, very much attracted the attention of advanced gamers the slot machine Eureka Reel Blast Slot, whose plot is dedicated to the stormy and fast life of the Polynesian dancers, as well as the magnificence of the volcano fire. The value of RTP in this game is 96.43%, so the frequency of cash winnings is amazing. There are a lot of bright symbols, each with its own price value, the stakes on the game are quite low, which allows you to take risks without much fear and at the same time get good prizes. Use bonuses, wild symbols, win free spins and soon you will be pleased with the huge money won.
Em Campbell
24 December 2018
The Eureka Reel Blast slot machine, created by WMS Gaming, is about the life of a girl who became the Queen of the Amazon, and continues to lead the online casino sites. Here, in addition to the fine mood and exciting experiences, gamers have the opportunity to win huge sums of money. Since the game is easy to manage, both experienced and novice players can participate. There are wild symbols replacing other images, there is an opportunity to get free spins and other additional auxiliary functions, with the help of which money is won.
Ethan Graham
14 December 2018
If you are not the fan of 3D gaming machines with cool graphics but seek for the stuff that can bring you real money when you risk, pick Eureka Reel Blast. Now, IGT does not offer audio and video effects: the player is concentrated on the game. I know a professional gambler that made the largest 3 thousand bet and managed to put into his pocket 4 thousand. It was the prize without jackpot. Sometimes, when I was playing Eureka Reel Blast Slot, the process seemed to be a bit monotonous but the result was tough. I did not lose anything here but got $870.
Carl Dudley
8 December 2018
Eureka Reel Blast Slot is designed and created according to the story of the favorite childrenメs fairy tale about the girl Alice, and now this slot machine takes the first places among the large number of entertainment that are placed on the sites of online casinos. The gameplay of the slot is decorated with stunning graphics and realistic sound, and there are also several bonus features, wild symbols, which give you the opportunity to earn 10,000 coins if you succeed. More gamers will be able to use the tea bonus, a bonus for the rabbit hole, as well as adjust the number of free spins with a pocket watch.
Delbert Ernest
3 December 2018
Eureka Reel Blast is a kinda of slot which I can play for a long time and never be bored of it interface or symbols. Amazing bonuses, a lot of winning lines and combinations even if u play at the low stakes, as usually me. Interface rather simple and understandable even for the beginners in gambling, but at the same time itメs not boring. My biggest win here was around 400$, concerning that my initial deposit was only 20$ itメs really cool!!!
Kristopher Tremblay
28 November 2018
It happens that after a hard day the person really wants to relax in some kind of evening cafe or restaurant, but for some reason it can not be done. Regular visitors to online casinos can realize this venture at any time, and without leaving their room, just playing on the slot machine Eureka Reel Blast, where the graphic design and sound corresponds to the moment and gamers will have a sense of presence at a fun party with beautiful girls. Together with rest and wonderful mood you can easily and quickly win big money here. Just by pressing the buttons on the Eureka Reel Blast slot, you can even throw out the jackpot.
Ryan Green
27 November 2018
Attractive and funny slot machine Eureka Reel Blast, draws my attention and interests many advanced gamers for its simplicity of management and the ability to have fun. Excellent helpers for this are provided by level keys, a series of autosyncons and autoplay menu functions. The Eureka Reel Blast slot is great for beginners as well as for experienced players. Join, you will not regret.
Donovan Patel
26 November 2018
Eureka Reel Blast slot is one of the few slots that I like both in terms of gaming options and interesting design decisions. Most often I play in a demo fashion, but also for real money, putting on a maximum comes with a minimal but a victory.
Jakov Thompson
24 October 2018
Try yourself and your luck on the new Eureka Reel Blast Slot gaming machine from SG Interactive, which has a simple standard gameplay setting, high-quality graphic design and sound, as well as a whole set of profitable bonuses and other additional support functions. You can also get free spins, which significantly increase your chances of winning. And if you manage to form a dynamite symbol at any position of the reels, you can activate a very useful function that brings a huge amount of prizes. So start without thinking.
23 October 2018
Initially, it took me some time to understand all the rules of the Eureka Reel Blast slot machine!!! It is very convenient that you can practice in the free demo mode of the game and build up your own winning tactics and don't risk OWN MONEY!!!!!!!!. Great slot with lots of free spins !! There are also special symbols and bonuses !!! The return rate is more than 96% and I think this is an excellent result for this kind of slots !! In general, I am very pleased with my game here !!!
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