Double Double Bonus Poker

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  • Game type Video Poker
  • Max coin per line 25
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There is nothing as awesome as landing things in doubles. Especially if it is anything to do with winning say maybe money. Double Double Bonus Poker is an outstanding game, that is set up and put together in ways that will leave you in awe. It is some kind of poker in a way; hence, this should be a game for all the poker lovers.

Here, one is given 5 chances to try and better their chances. With each win made, a player increases their chances of bettering their payouts at the end of it all. Besides, we are all in this industry to make wins and earn ourselves some real money!

Everything in Double

The payouts vary; hence, players should be extra alert when playing Double Double Bonus Poker. The background music is almost amusing, with not too much-complicated graphics. The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that, if you are a beginner, this might not be the kind of activity to turn to. This one here is a bit tough even to the daily players, imagine what it would do to a beginner.

The developers of this poker variation are totally awesome in some way. Free video poker has done an amazing job. The wins may be all captivating, but it is also quite important to keep in mind that this slot game is not easy to understand. Making a win should be such a huge step.

With that said, it is important to understand the several ways that you can increase your chances to better wins in this game. These include:

  • Aces have greater pay hence, landing 3 of this kind would be an advantage in your favour.
  • It is all about risk, so it doesn’t always hurt to break a paying hand. This is just so you can land something higher and with a better payout.
  • Never be afraid to draw a new card, even though the chances may seem quite thin, landing a win or something close will land you a huge payout, so it is always worth the risk.

Play, Play, Play Some More!

With all of these in mind, the only thing left is giving it a try and get the experience of an amazing card game that will keep you on toes from the moment you begin to play, until the very end.


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