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100K Drop by Red Tiger Slot
  • Game type Video slot
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels 5
  • Max coin per line 500
  • RTP 96.14%
Free Spins
Autoplay option
Scatter symbol
Wild symbol

100K Drop

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£100k Drop is a slot machine from Red Tiger Gaming, who has a trend of creating online slot machine games with a real power punch. This is what the developer has done to ensure a player to have the best time in getting used to it. The slot contains 5 reels and 20 paylines with the coins’ range expanding from 0.2 to 500. Like any other casinos online today, this game is also available for free players, who indulge in online casino games just for fun.

Symbols and Features in £100k Drop

The symbols in this gameplay a great deal in forming a great combo based payouts. Here are the icons, which matters:

  • Vault: This is the highest payout sign of the slot, which pays off about 300 coins for appearing 5 times across the reels. For the symbols, appearing 4 and 3 times, the payoffs are 80 and 20 credits respectively.
  • Briefcase: This is the 2nd highest payout icon of the game, which contains a payoff of 200 coins for the token appearing 5 times across the reels. For the symbol appearing 4 and 3 times, the payoffs are 60 and 16 coins respectively.
  • Cash Bundle Symbol: This is the 3rd and a final token among the regular ones, and contains a payoff of 100 coins for the symbol appearing 5 times across the reels. For the symbol, appearing 4 and 3 times, the payouts are 40 and 10 coins respectively.
  • Low Payoff Symbol: The low payoff sign of the game extends from 10 to Ace, where Ace holds the highest position among the coins and pays off, and 60 credits for appearing 5 times across the reels.
  • Wild: The Wild symbol of the pokie is a girl-imaged icon, which pays 500, 180 and 30 coins for appearing 5, 4, and 3 times respectively. Alongside this, the symbol works to replace all low payout symbols.
  • Bonus Symbol: 3 bonus symbols assure bonus drop feature, which will trigger maximum payout off the game, which can come at a level off up to 2000x multiplier.

£100k Drop is a brilliant adaptation from Channel 4 based TV Show, the game has a great RTP value, which promises players to win the pokie more often and the brilliant jackpots features complementing the slot.


Read slot reviews from real players.

Frederic Wright
19 March 2019
The popularity of poker is now undeniable in the whole world, it is for this reason that Aces faces power poker is considered a fantastic and very exciting game among the army of advanced gamers who choose it among the many other gambling entertainments posted on online casino pages. 100K Drop differs from the standard video poker when you simultaneously play four identical cards. In this game there are no wild cards, and the maximum payout is 4000 coins. Only here there are big payouts for 4 face cards and 4 aces, so there are many ways to win. Also there is a double game that makes the game even more interesting.
Caleb Elvis
17 March 2019
100K Drop Slot is a quality slot with a theme dedicated to the animal world. In general, well-drawn. Graphics and interface at the level. It is quite easy and convenient to place bets. The game menu is clear and simple. Even a beginner can understand. There are scatter symbols and wild symbols that affect the amount of remuneration and cash payments, as well as the number of bonus rounds. The jackpot is small. But the developers significantly increased the chances of getting it. In general, the slot is quite light, weighs a bit. It can be downloaded without any problems as an application on a mobile device.
Danny Floy(seeLloyd)
8 January 2019
100K Drop Slot has many positive moments. Yes, the story is not for everyone interesting, but despite this, the game is very exciting. Iメve been playing for a few days, while everything is going with the flow, letメs see what happens next.
Cassius Edgar
3 January 2019
Well, despite the fact that I donメt really like such bright interface as here, 100K Drop Slot is a really amazing slot with very tasty bonuses!! A lot of winning symbols and combinations, easy menu and intuitive interface ヨ even new players can gamble it without experience. I play mostly at the average bets and my biggest win was 800$ for todayナhope to get more)))))))
Topher Em
2 January 2019
If you have never visited the Mexican Day of the Dead, then play on the interesting and wonderful 100K Drop Slot slot machine, in which Capecod Gaming has managed to convey all the brightness and originality of this carnival. The festive atmosphere here is expressed in the corresponding symbols, which have individual meanings and can form winning combinations. What is very good is the fact that the slot is optimized for mobile devices, and the rates for all paylines range from 0.25 per turn to a maximum bet of 25.00. There are also three potential jackpots.
Winfred Jeffrey
1 January 2019
Leander Games tried to great Glory. Created a cool game 100K Drop with a great story and graphics. The minimum deposit takes its toll, and the yield of several thousand gives confidence.
Kris Dean
29 December 2018
Recently, my old and good acquaintances, gamblers in online casinos, told me about a beautiful slot machine with 20 reels and a story about various ways of hacking bank safes ヨ 100K Drop. We liked the graphics and sound design of this slot, the provision of a large number of additional and auxiliary bonuses and its other distinctive features. Having tested the game, I realized that for a full tournament the player does not need to have a lot of experience, you can have fun both for free and for real money. And how do you jackpot in 375000 conventional units for break da bank again slot?
Frank Carter
28 December 2018
A very popular slot 100K Drop, the plot of which was the demonstration of famous sexy women from various films, became the object of attention of a huge number of advanced gamers. In addition to the cute heroines, players will also be able to observe the image of Mr. Bigl, giving the possibility of an additional bonus game. Here we also use a multiplier that increases the stake of the participant in the game and raises the amount of money won. Players who first try their forces here can start from the lowest possible rates of 1 cent, but experienced gamers can count on even five promising jackpots.
Frank Dex
27 December 2018
In fact, it is very difficult to imagine among the huge selection of gambling entertainment placed on the pages of the online casino that anything more exciting and attractive than the slot machine 100K Drop, with its theme of the distant future, where the world will be controlled by robots of different sizes and shades. This slot draws gamersメ attention with its beautiful design of graphics and sound of gameplay, the opportunity to enjoy quality entertainment and at the same time get a big charge of vivacity, as well as a decent financial profit. Carefully study the gameメs vavilions, provided bonuses and additional functions and start the drums.
Cyril Erik
27 December 2018
Many of my friends, advanced gamers, being fans of the wild nature of African shrouds, stop their views on the popular slot machine 100K Drop, which is in a large family of online casino entertainment. Here the graphics and the sound of the gameplay are brightly decorated, and when the winning combination comes out, the player will enjoy the amusing animation. Having access to all kinds of functions, you can choose the most necessary game parameters that are necessary for the actions to be performed. There is a bonus game, advantageous double symbols, with which you can increase cash prizes.
Davy Lige
19 December 2018
In this slot, I like the fact that the interface is as comfortable as possible even for such a beginner player like me. Also 100K Drop Slot pleases with its generous bonuses and winning combinations. Despite the lack of a progressive jackpot, you can win a solid amount of money without much effort.
Clare Dustin
12 December 2018
A very well-known manufacturer of world-class software for online casino operators, WMS Gaming has released 100K Drop, a very popular gaming machine among many experienced gamers, which immediately took the lead among a lot of gambling entertainment. His main character was a beautiful warrior, dressed in animal skins and armed with a sharp spear. In addition to the queen, various boas, leopards, parrots and gorillas, are also depicted on the drums of the 100K Drop video slot, so the game becomes more attractive. Winning combinations are formed from several identical pictures. For some characters, they must be at least three, for others, even two. They should be next to each other on the active line, starting with the first drum.
Gerald Dorian
11 December 2018
SOFTWARE Net Entertainment always creates something interesting. This time I tried out my powers and skills in the slot 100K Drop. I liked everything. The graphics are excellent, the plot of the game is thought out. A jackpot tunes to go to the end!
Clay Eldred
10 December 2018
100K Drop is a very funny and funny game, which besides pleasure brings more and money. Kush always gives strength to the end. The meaning of the game is simple, but the rules are easy. The main thing is attentiveness and understanding of their borders.
Fergus Thomson
8 December 2018
100K Drop Slot ヨ a reference to the good old game of monopoly. Hmm, well, this is clear from the name. For those who played this game, everything seems familiar and familiar. At least it seemed to me, because I still remember in the pre-computer era we were going to a weekend with a large company with friends, throwing dice and buying real estate. Golden time was. According to this, those who come from the 80s This game will seem especially enjoyable and interesting. In general, the slot is no different from durigh except design.
Dwayne Manny
8 December 2018
The game is quite unusual, especially I like the bonus round with the possibility of winning.100K Drop offers a lot of winning options, but it all depends on luck. Several times I managed to win more than $ 100, but not often. In general, the slot is good decision to play it for your fan and sometimes for winning real money.
Conrad Edmund
7 December 2018
For real lovers of studying underwater life, studying the habits and traditions of the inhabitants of the ocean depths, and along with receiving great moral pleasure, the 100K Drop Slot will also win big cash prizes. Before starting the reels, gamers can be determined from the pay tables with the value of their bet and the number of selected lines. After the start, players will meet with a variety of offered bonuses, with the opportunity to win free spins and other standard features and help. Do not forget about the individual values ??of special characters. All this will help to win big money.
Frederick Ferdinand
6 December 2018
In the 100K Drop Slot, every experienced gamer, as well as a beginner, has an excellent opportunity to take part in an exciting entertainment where the main characters of the whole action are cute little dogs, and there is an opportunity to win a huge jackpot with a wide variety of auxiliary functions. With a happy winning combination, you can also earn free spins and the ability to triple the winnings here. So the 100K Drop slot looks pretty attractive and itメs worth all of us to try your hand at it.
Derrick Cole
26 November 2018
If you are also attracted by this cartoon and similar funny animations, then 100K Drop Slot will be an excellent entertainment for you, and will also give you the opportunity to win real money !!!! A great slot with a fascinating storyline and music. The graphics are amazing. Many payments, including bonuses. Generous payouts and a lot of fun from the game!
Gerard Kelly
25 November 2018
Among the huge number of different interesting slot machines that are on the pages of online casinos, advanced gamers choose the 100K Drop slot, which at first sight amazes with its graphic and sound design of the gameplay. From the very name of the toy it becomes clear that it is possible to win big cash prizes here. By the way, if the player has a good day and he will risk to make the maximum bet, then with the fall of the right combination he will be able to collect 1000 times more invested funds. The rules here are not difficult, for this can be attended by both experienced and new gamers.
Kit Win
27 October 2018
this is a very famous slot for all gamblers, 100K Drop is a classic that will always be relevant, despite the fact that there is no super graphics or bonus games. A wonderful slot, there is a risk of a game in which you can double your winnings, simple and clear rules absolutely for all gamers, a convenient menu and real money that I win here.
23 October 2018
I tried to play 100K Drop slot several times and not all my attempts were successful, but overall I have a very good impression about this slot despite the fact that there is no progressive jackpot and free spins. Generous payouts, a huge number of winning combinations and a convenient betting range. The menu and interface, everything is as convenient as possible even for the new gamblers without much experience .
Samuel White
23 October 2018
The gorgeous gaming machine 100K Drop Slot is grateful for the appearance of the TV show of the same name and gives every active gamer the opportunity to feel like a participant in this attractive quiz with the possibility of winning great cash prizes. The symbols of the slot show images of all the details of the show, and also with each formation of a winning combination, you will hear a storm of applause from the studio audience. If you successfully use the function with three bonus symbols, then you can be guaranteed to get a jackpot in the amount of 100,000 pounds sterling. Good luck to all players.
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